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How Life Coaching Can Help You Tap Into Your True Potential

By Eric Jay

Life coaching has become more and more popular in recent years as more people have started to realize that there’s no one else who can do the work of improving your life but you. Fortunately, however, you don’t have to go it alone! A good life coach will help you learn what it means to be your best self, discover your true values and goals, and start making positive changes in your life that will help you live the life you really want to live. Here are some of the ways that life coaching can benefit you if you give it a chance!

Personal Development

Whether you need a jumpstart or are looking to improve your life in general, a good life coach can help you make positive changes. A life coach works with you to take control of areas of your life that could use some fine-tuning and give you better insight into how to achieve long-term happiness.

Confidence & Empowerment

Do you want to empower yourself with confidence? Perhaps you don’t believe in your strengths, or maybe you don’t think that you can be successful in some area of your life. If either of these situations sounds familiar, life coaching may be able to help. Life coaches can provide both one-on-one support and a community of people who are working towards similar goals. Plus, studies have shown that being a part of a support group improves physical health and emotional well-being!

Creating an action plan

If you’re feeling stuck or confused about what to do next, or you feel like you’re not really reaching your full potential, it may be time to work with a life coach. A good coach can help support you in defining your goals and creating action plans for how to achieve them. Once your goals are established, a life coach can help make sure you stay motivated and keep on track as you pursue your dreams.

Finding your purpose

Here’s a simple exercise: Write down your five biggest life goals. Be as specific as possible (buy a house in Colorado versus own a home in my 60s). Now look at each goal and ask yourself whether it aligns with your values. If not, you may need to reexamine that goal or decide it isn’t one you want to pursue after all. Sometimes we don't fully understand our true goals until we have some distance from them - when they no longer feel urgent. Once you've identified your true priorities, think about how the other things on your list might help you achieve them. For example, if buying a house is on your list of goals but making more money is not, then thinking about ways to make more money would be beneficial for this particular goal.

Taking accountability

It’s very easy to blame other people, circumstances, or our genetic code for our current situation. But there’s one huge factor we can control—ourselves. Sure, there are some things in life we just can’t change. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make a difference or improve ourselves when and where we can. Having a supportive coach is an excellent way to increase your accountability and open yourself up to new opportunities for growth.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin

While life coaching may not be able to cure your skin condition, it can certainly give you strategies to help you feel more comfortable with it. Many people suffering from skin conditions (such as acne or rosacea) suffer from low

self-esteem and self-confidence. While these issues can’t always be resolved through life coaching alone, a good coach will help identify any underlying problems, give guidance on how to deal with them and set realistic goals for you.

Mastering self-talk

Don’t judge yourself. We all talk to ourselves—sometimes out loud, sometimes in our heads. Self-talk is a powerful tool for you because it can boost your confidence and let you know that you’re capable of achieving your goals. Don’t let self-doubt prevent you from moving forward with your plans.

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